A game by Collin Eye and Heather Zeis

Coming 2023
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The Art of Flight is an action arcade game about flying multiple ships at the same time. Flying your squadron feels like extending yourself into many ships working in perfect harmony. Shift your focus from ship to ship as you play out an epic space battle full of moments of sacrifice, comradery, and daring.

Stretch your senses as you weave your ships thru danger.

Little stories emerge: sacrifice one ship to save another; cover your six.

Use your squadron to take on impossible odds.

The Art of Flight exists for you to experience being a body made up of many separate things working in harmony. As you play your senses are stretched so you can feel where your ships are even when they're out of view.

To successfully fly your squadron you will need to shift your focus from ship to ship as you weave them around danger. When you move one ship to safety you place another one in jeopardy.

  • Fight bosses that require using your squadron in interesting and unique ways.

  • Endless-mode features a stream of episodic encounters which pivot how you play the game.

  • Hand-authored scenarios where you can experience the thrill of a perfectly coordinated dance.

  • A dynamic soundtrack inspired by pinball machines. Your actions are echoed as a rich and layered soundscape is created by the chaotic rhythm of events.

  • Deep scoring mechanics that rewards playing on a razor's edge.

twitter: @collin_eye